Colors of me

Today I'm feeling blue.... Blue. cool and deep storm threatening drowning inside Red. thrashing waves serenity washed away soaked with anger Yellow. warm golden glow vibrancy and sunshine illuminating my soul Grey. sombre, bereft of light joy clouded listless life White. diminishes the darkness overpowering light calm, innocence, hope... I wonder what color I will … Continue reading Colors of me

Sweet nothings

What was it that you whispered in my ear on that final day? Were they sweet nothings or something more sorrowful? Parting words that fell from your lips, lost to me as floated in and out of consciousness, safe in the belief that you would be here forever. I was wrong.

Top 5 Hot Parenting Tips for Surviving the 2-Week Term Break

I must confess I hate school holidays. Am I the only one who shudders at the thought of 2 straight weeks with my kids at home? Please tell me I am not alone. Every day I drop my tyrants (ahem, kids) off to school with a smile on my face. Sure, the other parents attribute … Continue reading Top 5 Hot Parenting Tips for Surviving the 2-Week Term Break

Bikram Yoga for the modern 40+ mum

Feeling Hot Hot Hot! It seems that everywhere you go nowadays there is a hot yoga studio popping up. Sure, the discipline of yoga is centuries old but Bikram yoga seems to have grown in popularity in recent years. So what exactly is it? Bikram Yoga was founded by Bikram Choudhury and is a system of yoga that he … Continue reading Bikram Yoga for the modern 40+ mum